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Welcome to the website of Frances di Plino, author of the D.I. Paolo Storey Crime Series.


Bad Moon Rising is a dark and disturbing psychological thriller introducing a new hero to the crime genre, Detective Inspector Paolo Storey.


The second in the series, Someday Never Comes, follows Paolo as he pursues the criminals behind a sex trade and people trafficking ring.


Call It Pretending, the third to feature D.I. Paolo Storey, covers a six week period: six murders, nothing to connect the victims and no apparent motive.


Looking for a Reason, published October 2014, gives Paolo his biggest headache to date. Someone is raping and torturing men, leaving the victims so traumatised they wonít even admit they were ever taken captive. Paolo has to understand why itís happening before he can find out who is doing it.


The series is published by Crooked Cat Publishing. The novels are available online and in paperback from all good bookstores.


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